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Seeing 2015 in with a first winter crop of reports

2014 rolls over to 2015

As 2015 begins we ask, what are the driving issues impacting IT organisations and users of IT services and applications? User experience, performance and security are the themes that stand out, and we showcase them in a crop of recently published reports.

First up are several reports on some of IBM’s services and capabilities:

  • Clive Howard looks at how IBM has embraced User Experience through IBM Design, and their recent release of “IBM Design Language”. Clive investigates further the launch of IBM Design Language in his blog.
  • Ian Murphy’s Commentary looks at what IBM is delivering with POWER8 and how its repositioning is opening up the Power platform to the wider computing market.
  • Continually evolving threats to computer security means that the CISO is struggling to understand how to combat the risk to the enterprise. Ian Murphy, examines IBM’s latest security story, and how it is evolving to meet the threat which enterprises are facing.

From one software giant to another, CIC’s Spotlight on HP Virtualization for Development, Quality and Test Teams considers how HP is addressing the challenges of testing applications built of multiple services running across multiple networks and accessed by a broad range of devices. Get an idea of what’s at stake in this blog by Paul Herzlich and then download Ian Murphy’s report for an in-depth look.

CIC’s first Vendor Profile of the new year takes a look at OutSystems, an international software company whose product, OutSystems Platform, is a Rapid Application Delivery (RAD) platform that makes it easy to create, deploy and manage enterprise mobile and web applications.

Roll on 2015.

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