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Critical System Engineering Acceleration

CIC invites you to the Crystal Final Dissemination Event

In conjunction with the 5th Conference on Interoperability for Embedded Systems Development Environments

CIC was a partner on the Crystal project and provided industry analyst insight to the directions taken. We ran an interoperability survey that was presented at the 4th Interoperability conference held in Paris about 18 months ago. The project’s goal to create a interoperability strategy and standard for tool chains within the safety critical systems engineering field will influence the IoT build processes within this sector.

Date: June 15-16, 2016

Location: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Avd. de la Universidad 30, 28911, Legané

A day and a half full of highlights about the CRYSTAL approach in establishing and pushing forward an Interoperability Specification as an open European standard for the development of safety-critical embedded systems in the automotive, aerospace, rail and health care domain.

  • Well-known keynote speakers will talk about inspirations in engineering in the future.
  • End Users and Tool vendors will explain how CRYSTAL has influenced their business from management perspective.
  • In technical presentations you will get insight to the challenges and achievements in CRYSTAL.
  • Technical highlights will be presented in the exhibition area.
  • Standardization Organizations talk about experiences during the implementation of CRYSTAL use cases.

Deadline for registration: June 10th 2016

Information to the registration, program and more details will be continuously updated on the webpage.

NEW! CIC industry-focused research

CIC Healthcare

Our first industry-focused research stream
CIC Healthcare

CIC Healthcare leverages CIC’s expertise in Cloud, Mobile, Security, IoT, Digital Experience, Analytics, DevOps and Agile practices to offer skilled guidance on the digital agenda impacting the healthcare industry.

CIC Healthcare research objectives are to:

  • Identify the imperatives that are impacting healthcare technology choices.
  • Answer important questions such as those that address security and privacy concerns within the healthcare industry.
  • Provide guidance to those looking for the most effective operational strategies and outcomes for their healthcare services.
  • Deliver case studies and profiles of successful practices, operations and solutions within the healthcare industry.
  • Conduct in-depth investigations on thought-provoking hypothesis, behavioral dynamics and implementation strategies in the healthcare tech field.

For a healthcare industry looking to more digitally enhanced operational infrastructure and workflow, CIC Healthcare aims to help vendors offer the most effective solutions and supports users to maximise their return on investment.

Read our briefing note on the 10 focus points for the digital agenda in healthcare.

Featured research from Creative Intellect

2016 Directions

An exciting agenda for CIC in 2016

CIC has an exciting agenda for 2016 covering our six core technology areas: Cloud, Mobile, Security, IoT and Systems, Dev Ops/Agile and Digital Experience.

We’ll be increasing our coverage of IoT, especially in the underlying support processes and the various tools and platforms that are now available. Twenty-sixteen also sees the launch of our first industry-focused research, with Cornelia Wels-Maug joining CIC to cover Healthcare.

We are also excited about our continued partnership with ADT Mag which hosts our IoT column, and January sees our new regular DevOps feature on The Register.

CIC directions for 2016

CIC Research At A Glance

A new edition is available now.

A new edition of CIC Research at a Glance (formerly our Research Pipeline) is available for download now. It provides a handy overview of CIC’s forthcoming and recently released projects. Catch any projects you may have missed with links to our recently released highlights and discover many opportunities to get involved with future research projects.

Developer Dynamics Survey

Take part and win Amazon vouchers.

CIC is conducting a study to both profile developer dynamics and obtain clearer insights into the prevailing technologies and products favoured by the wider developer community.  If you are involved in the software development process, please take part here for your chance to win Amazon vouchers and receive a copy of result report.

Latest postings on the CIC blog

The IT industry is exceptionally dynamic. There are always new technologies to evaluate, questions to ask and ideas to understand. Our goal is to make sense of it all, and as often as not, point out where there’s no sense to make. Read CIC’s blog, Creative Views, for our take on the latest IT news, trends, strategies and opportunities.

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