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Quantified development productivity in an era of rapid technology change

How can you ensure that your development team stays productive in today’s fast-paced environment? CIC’s free Commentary report, Quantifying Uniface developer productivity in an era of technology change, investigates the productivity gains achieved through the Uniface platform over the life of an application – not just the initial build phase. For a quick preview, read the accompanying blog.

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The IT industry is exceptionally dynamic. There are always new technologies to evaluate, questions to ask and ideas to understand. Our goal is to make sense of it all, and as often as not, point out where there’s no sense to make. Read CIC’s blog, Creative Views, for our take on the latest IT news, trends, strategies and opportunities.

IBM engages Berlin start-ups through new city collaboration

12 May 2015|0 Comments

Following last year’s Digital.NYC initiative, IBM has recently announced techberlin.com in partnership with City of Berlin. The arrangement is similar to what IBM has been […]

AWS London Summit 2015: Content but not complacent

5 May 2015|0 Comments

Amazon recently ran its 4th AWS Summit in London celebrating 9 years since it launched the market leading public cloud platform. Amazon Web Services started […]

Cloud busting: AWS reveals all…but what the heck is cloud anyway?

28 April 2015|0 Comments

Last week Amazon published financials for its Amazon Web Services (AWS) business for the first time. These showed that the old man of public cloud […]

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