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3rd European Conference on Interoperability for Embedded Systems Development Environments

3rd European Conference on Interoperability

October 9th, 2014  8:00 – 18:00  Paris, France

Research Director Bola Rotibi will be attending the 3rd European Conference on Interoperability for Embedded Systems Development Environments on Thursday October 9th 2014 8am – 6pm in Paris. The conference has the major goal of proposing and discussing ways forward to achieve sustainable interoperability for embedded systems development environments. The main focus of this year’s conference is on ALM and PLM interoperability. Bola will be presenting the findings of our market research study on the drivers and strategies for interoperability within the systems industry.

Get more information about the conference here.

As the market marches towards the Internet of Things and the connected car and home, interoperability specifications will be fundamental to their success and adoption. Why not take a look at some of Creative Intellect’s resources on sustainable interoperability:

  • Podcast “Towards Sustainable Interoperability in Systems Engineering”

Bola, Sky Matthews of IBM, and Mats Berglund of Ericsson discuss the five most central issues to consider towards sustainable interoperability. Download the podcast here

  • Published article “In pursuit of sustainable interoperability. Finding the right balance” Artemis Magazine, May 2012

Bola looks at the increased drive for better interoperability in the production of software enabled systems and products. Download the magazine article here.

  • Conference Presentation “A strategy for a sustainable technical specification”

The presentation accompanying a talk from Bola at the Artemis Technology Conference 2012, can be viewed here

  • CIC Market Review of ALM/PLM Convergence Agile Acceptance

CIC undertook a survey to assess the convergence points between systems and smart products in software and product lifecycles. The review can be downloaded here

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