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In recent months, the CIC team has attended a range of insightful and thought provoking conferences from a variety of vendors such as IBM, HP and Serena and events such as London Tech Week. Mobile commerce, legacy modernisation, storage strategies for addressing the burgeoning volume of data, Internet of Things (IoT) and security and the threat landscape continue to weigh heavily for many.  Head over to our blogs  CIC Mid-term Roundup 2015  and From our IoT Vaults which provide a roundup of our latest content and podcasts distilled from our recent travels.

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The IT industry is exceptionally dynamic. There are always new technologies to evaluate, questions to ask and ideas to understand. Our goal is to make sense of it all, and as often as not, point out where there’s no sense to make. Read CIC’s blog, Creative Views, for our take on the latest IT news, trends, strategies and opportunities.

My Windows 10 Upgrade Experience

4 August 2015|0 Comments

On 29 July 2015 Microsoft released Windows 10 to the world. Unlike previous OS releases this was going to be different. […]

More than a question of support: Opportunities for London Tech start-ups through IBM’s Digital City Network

9 July 2015|0 Comments

On any list measuring cities by economic, cultural or intellectual dynamism, London is frequently at the top. In many cases it vies for pole position […]

From CIC’s burgeoning Internet of Things vault: signposts for the value chain

25 June 2015|0 Comments

The mother of all conferences! That is how Mobile World Congress (MWC) is often billed.  Although in reality there are certainly one or two other […]

CIC Mid-term Roundup 2015

25 June 2015|0 Comments

Late spring is always a busy time for conferences and events, and it sometimes feels that we are away more often than we are back […]

IBM engages Berlin start-ups through new city collaboration

12 May 2015|0 Comments

Following last year’s Digital.NYC initiative, IBM has recently announced techberlin.com in partnership with City of Berlin. The arrangement is similar to what IBM has been […]

AWS London Summit 2015: Content but not complacent

5 May 2015|0 Comments

Amazon recently ran its 4th AWS Summit in London celebrating 9 years since it launched the market leading public cloud platform. Amazon Web Services started […]

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