About CIC

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Research, analysis and strategic advice

Creative Intellect Consulting is an analyst research, advisory and consulting firm founded by Bola Rotibi, an experienced and renowned expert analyst in the field of software development, delivery and lifecycle management processes, technologies and tools.

The company’s key areas of analysis are software development, delivery and lifecycle management across the Software and IT spectrum (e.g. Cloud, virtualisation, SOA, PLM, SPL, PLE, Systems Engineering, Analytics and Intelligence, Agile, Mobile and mobility, etc.) along with their impacts on and alignment with business.

At Creative Intellect Consulting we combine our independent technology and supplier expertise with our knowledge of enterprise needs to help you:

  • Optimise your market propositions
  • Position yourself against the competition
  • Validate your solution definitions and roadmaps

We pride ourselves on our accessibility, flexible approach and high levels of knowledge and experience.

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