Is there a new VMware in the making? Four strategic moves that point to a yes

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VMware’s success has resulted in a dominant market position leaving it both searching for new growth opportunities and facing pernicious threats to the market it controls. At VMworld Europe 2015, the company was facing uncertainty from the announcement that its parent company EMC was to be acquired by Dell. Its own long-term strategic vision also [...]

Dreamforce 2015: Less show, more business

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In the yearly dual between Dreamforce the technology conference versus Dreamforce the show, this year was more tech. There were still big name presenters from fields outside of technology (e.g. entertainment) with a surprise appearance from Stevie Wonder playing in Marc Benioff's keynote. But where last year we had Hilary Clinton this year we got [...]

From CIC’s burgeoning Internet of Things vault: signposts for the value chain

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The mother of all conferences! That is how Mobile World Congress (MWC) is often billed.  Although in reality there are certainly one or two other conferences that can certainly live up to that grandiose title - the Consumer Electronic Show held in Las Vegas every January being one such example. However, anyone who has travelled [...]

What’s compelling about ARM and IBM’s IoT partnership?

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In 2014 IBM launched its Internet of Things (IoT) Foundation, a cloud based service within its Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering Bluemix. The aim was to attract developers to IoT by making it easy to utilise the cloud as a platform for building applications based on data coming from devices (things). Of course for [...]

Why developers should embrace the cloud, a discussion with Darren Smith from

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In the latest of our series of podcasts with developer evangelists from leading vendors I spoke with Darren Smith from In these podcasts we look at 3 trends that each vendor is seeing within the developer community. In his roles as Director of platform sales engineering Darren regularly interacts with developers around the Salesforce [...]