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Empowering the workforce in the digital workplace

Empowering the workforce in the digital workplace

A webinar with Creative Intellect, ITPro and Sage

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Cloud Computing in Europe
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The IT industry is exceptionally dynamic. There are always new technologies to evaluate, questions to ask and ideas to understand. Our goal is to make sense of it all, and as often as not, point out where there’s no sense to make. Read CIC’s blog, Creative Views, for our take on the latest IT news, trends, strategies and opportunities.

CIC Healthcare Insights: The digital age needs a new set of healthcare leaders

24 April 2018|0 Comments

The word “transformation” has become a buzz word in healthcare. According to the Cambridge Dictionary the noun describes “a complete change in the appearance or character of something or someone, especially so that that thing or person is improved.” The [...]

New markets for two new IBM z14 and LinuxONE mainframes: What’s the appeal?

16 April 2018|0 Comments

Not quite halfway through the two-year IBM z14 lifecycle, the company has announced two new models. These are designed to appeal not just to existing customers but also to new customers as the company targets its biggest year for mainframe [...]

UX Insights: Vendors need ‘Why’ as well as ‘How’

11 April 2018|0 Comments

Vendors have embraced the importance of User Experience (UX). Just look at Windows 10, IBM Verse or Android Oreo. It would be unfair to suggest that many did not respect UX before, however in recent years it has come to [...]

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