I recently recorded a podcast with Moh Haghighat and Joe Wolf from Intel on the topic of web technologies. This topic covers the foundational aspects of web development such as tooling, compilers and the hardware on which today’s application run. Moh is a Senior Principal Engineer and Joe is a Product Manager for Intel’s HTML5 tools. Whilst many will know Intel for their microprocessors they also produce developer tools and work with partners such as Mozilla and Google to enhance the web experiences that we all have every day. An example is their work on JavaScript compilers which improve the speed at which JavaScript code runs. They have invested in HTML5 through their New XDK (CIC Product Evaluation) tooling which supports the development of hybrid mobile apps that run on a number of different platforms including iOS, Android and Windows Phone. You can listen to the podcast here where we discuss three trends that they are seeing within the developer community.


As websites and applications have become increasingly complex the issue of performance has become more important. An obvious example is the large amounts of JavaScript now typically found in any given web site. As JavaScript in the browser has never been pre-compiled the more code there is the more of a challenge performance has become. Whilst this area has been given a significant focus over a number of years we’re now seeing web technologies move to devices through mobile web and hybrid apps. A common criticism is that in these environments web lags behind native in terms of performance. Moh talked about how Intel are working to address this especially UI rendering which is frequently raised as a problem on mobile devices. Joe also raised the developers’ role in the creating performant apps and how the tools are available for them to measure performance during development and optimise their code accordingly.

Citizen Developer

There are many names for the new types of developer that are emerging today and Citizen Developer is one of them. Essentially these are individuals with no or very little coding background who use modern tools and services to create applications. These are more often than not mobile apps today and in some cases can be created without writing any code at all. With the increasing ubiquity of HTML5 and JavaScript, the proliferation of tools for creating apps using these technologies and even build cloud backends or hook into cloud services these developers are becoming ever more empowered. As Joe discusses this new breed of developer may create apps for their own edification such as a mobile game but may create apps for use at work. The latter will pose a challenge for organisations who need to maintain oversight over these apps. After all they may start to handle data that the company has a legal responsibility for. This is a fascinating trend which we will see more of in future.

Internet of Things (IoT)

With Intel’s extensive knowledge and work with processors and hardware they are well placed to be part of the IoT. Joe talks to this and how the embedded development space will become open to new technologies and developers and how tools will need to support this. The question is whether organisations have invested in the necessary skills to do this.

I’d like to thank Moh and Joe for taking the time to discuss these interesting trends. Please listen to the full podcast here.