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Adrian Bridgwater is a freelance journalist specialising in cross platform software application development as well as all related aspects of software engineering and project management. With over two decades of technology media experience, his journalistic creed is to bring forward-thinking, impartial, technology editorial to a professional (and hobbyist) technical audience around the world. His mission is to objectively inform, educate and challenge - and through this champion better coding capabilities and ultimately better software engineering

IBM’s Agile DevOps dream

By |2016-10-17T10:52:32+00:004 September 2013|Software Development|

IBM appears to be closing ranks on a new iteration (the company is fond of that word after all) of its DevOps technology proposition. As we know, the structure of modern DevOps stems from Agile software application delivery principles and is it now evolving into a more refined, more elite and more capable function focused [...]

A mobile-first philosophy needs a mobile-first methodology

By |2016-10-17T10:52:37+00:0015 March 2013|Analysis, Security, Software Quality|

Software application development has had to embrace a ‘mobile-first’ philosophy for the road ahead. Smartphone and tablet sales have skyrocketed, web usage from mobile devices far outstrips that seen at the desktop level and mobile data channels are now reported to run with a heavier and more enriched stream of content than ever before. For [...]

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