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What is Cloud in 2018?

By |2018-05-21T11:57:22+01:0021 May 2018|Analysis, Cloud, Digital Transformation, Uncategorized|

Why are we even asking this question now?  Hasn’t cloud been well and truly defined in the scope of transformation? So what more is there to say? Plenty, if you only think of cloud as the destination and not part of the modernisation and transformation journey. A recent article spoke of an organisation that moved [...]

How to App Dev in the age of Digital Transformation: New challenges, new thinking

By |2017-04-21T13:22:44+01:0011 April 2017|Analysis, Software Development|

Look around you and ask yourself this: How far away am I from a software application? Software is everywhere and we live in an age that is increasingly enabled by software. Some might even go as far to say driven by software. Whether at work or play, we’re actively or passively using software. According to [...]