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Dreamforce 2015: Less show, more business

By |2015-10-22T14:16:48+00:0022 October 2015|Analysis, Uncategorized|

In the yearly dual between Dreamforce the technology conference versus Dreamforce the show, this year was more tech. There were still big name presenters from fields outside of technology (e.g. entertainment) with a surprise appearance from Stevie Wonder playing in Marc Benioff's keynote. But where last year we had Hilary Clinton this year we got [...]

IBM engages Berlin start-ups through new city collaboration

By |2016-10-17T10:52:17+00:0012 May 2015|Analysis|

Following last year's Digital.NYC initiative, IBM has recently announced in partnership with City of Berlin. The arrangement is similar to what IBM has been doing with the City of New York since October 2014. which also involves some other local organisations is a portal aimed at technology start-ups. The features include a job [...]

IBM InterConnect 2015: Big Blue’s big new conference

By |2016-10-17T10:52:18+00:002 April 2015|Analysis|

February 2015 saw the first IBM InterConnect conference in Las Vegas. InterConnect is the new mega-event that brings together 3 traditional IBM conferences: Pulse, Innovate and Impact. To handle the resulting 20,000+ attendees the event was spread across two hotels. Not the most convenient arrangement as they were not adjacent hotels and required IBM to [...]

MWC15 In Review

By |2015-03-20T15:02:18+00:0020 March 2015|Analysis, Internet of Things, Mobile|

This year's Mobile World Congress seemed less frenetic than the last (seemed to be less dancers). Perhaps this was due to it being CIC’s second visit. However there also seemed to be less major announcements and less that was very new. Phones, wearables, cars and connected appliances had all been seen before and we're getting [...]

What will become of the wearable?

By |2016-10-17T10:52:18+00:0010 March 2015|Internet of Things|

At the end of last year I was asked by a technology publication for my 2015 predictions. My first was that consumer wearables would fail to gain traction despite there being a slew of new hardware. Barely a couple of weeks into the year and Google announced the demise (sort of) of Glass. CES was [...]