Why fast growing SoftServe is a good fit for the digital economy

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Is being a smart digital operator all just about building software effectively? SoftServe, a fast growing digital consulting company with a global operation and footprint, knows that there is more to it. The creation of software is part of a means to an end. But what is that end? Insights from the field In Creative [...]

Rethink your User Experiences (UX) for 2017 with CIC’s UX for Businesses Workshop

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Organisations that create software have become increasingly aware of the importance of the experience that software provides to users. There are many reasons why user experience (UX) is important, including increased application adoption or sales, brand perception or creating a more appealing workplace. We have seen the power of experience through the success of organisations [...]

Can Analytics unlock the SME for IBM

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Analytics is a theme that cannot have escaped anyone in IT over the last few years. As a mainframe and enterprise vendor, it would be easy to think that IBM already had all the tools it needed in this space but apparently not. IBM's Analytic Investment At Analyst Insights 2012 in Madrid, IBM told the [...]