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BoxWorks 2014 and how tomorrow works: It’s the platform, stupid

By |2016-10-17T10:52:23+01:0019 September 2014|Analysis, Document management, Platforms and Operating Systems|

The BoxWorks 2014 conference in San Francisco on 3rd September was Box’s fourth annual event and CIC’s first time in attendance. From the impression generated one would be forgiven for thinking that Box was older and more mature than the 10 year old business that it is. This impression is most likely a result of [...]

Versioning more than just software

By |2016-10-17T10:52:34+01:0027 June 2013|Document management|

Bola Rotibi and Ian Murphy are presenting a webinar on version management as a discipline that can be used easily and should be deployed beyond the development environment. Join them online on July 3rd at 3pm BST (4pm CEST, 10am EDT, 7am PDT). Get more information and register here.