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Mobile: An opportunity to empower IT

By |2016-10-17T10:52:31+00:0018 September 2013|Policy and regulation, Software Development|

Mobile is providing many enterprise IT and development functions with a clean slate, a chance to start-over and whilst not ignoring legacy we can adopt new technologies, new skills and new processes. I was recently involved in an online conversation about mobile strategy within the enterprise. This was an interesting discussion that demonstrated progressive thinking within [...]

Platform owners need to set a high bar for privacy

By |2016-10-17T10:52:43+00:0030 December 2011|Analysis, Policy and regulation, Security|

As we move into 2012 we can be assured that there will be numerous stories of rogue applications sitting on social media sites stealing users data. Despite the spectacle that every breach causes, platform owners seem to have little interest in regulating their developers and creating user friendly platforms. Social Media Let's take Facebook as an [...]