The last few years have given us mobile, cloud computing , Internet of Things (IoT) and so on.

Each of these comes with a wealth of languages, platforms, tools and more. While organisations are caught up in the frenzy to not be left behind (and get disrupted), choices are being made today that may have implications for many years to come.

In this CIC report based on an independent study conducted on the drivers for adopting application programming technologies and models, we identify the following:

  • 7 trending dynamics in app development and delivery
  • The App Development choices shaping the app market
  • The criteria for what makes a language popular and ripe for adoption

In short, our briefing note highlights the main criteria that should be considered when making, what could turn out to be important strategic decisions.

This paper was authored on an independent basis by the analyst team at Creative Intellect Consulting, with sponsorship from IBM Mobile. The content is based on industry intelligence gathered and analysed by the authors and does not necessarily reflect the views of the sponsor.