Solving the User eXperience (UX) puzzle

Solving the User eXperience (UX) puzzle


CIC met with Tessa Souhoka, a healthcare designer, to find out about her experience incorporating user experience (UX), when designing products in the healthcare field, compared to other industry sectors.


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A strong pedigree in product design and UX application that balances business, production and usability highlights Tessa’s strength in translating cutting edge research into commercial products. Her holistic and practical approach to UX mirrors CIC’s belief in a more aligned outcome for UX in healthcare; an outcome that draws on the intersection of medical research, the needs of patients, clinicians and non-clinical users and product development.

In this first interview, CIC looks to understand the nature of UX, its awareness within the healthcare sector and to determine what matters in practice. We ask whether cost is a real barrier or whether other agents have an impact, and explore the relationship between safety and UX in healthcare. Part 1 concludes with CIC’s analysis on why UX is crucial to the healthcare sector, especially financially.

(Read also Part 2 of CIC’s interview with Tessa Souhok, which provides the underpinning foundations for addressing UX in healthcare solutions and products. It is accompanied with CIC’s UX in Healthcare Journey Planner, which specifically looks at the scientific insights into applying UX in the healthcare field. The two reports can be downloaded as a bundle.)