For healthcare organisations looking to transform their operations with an ICT infrastructure that leverages digital technologies to the full, a major challenge is knowing where to start: “You don’t know what you don’t know”. To build out from infrastructure that is already in place so that it is fit for purpose for the digital future, there are important questions to be asked: How does one characterise the necessary supporting infrastructure for connected healthcare? How do you enable any healthcare entity to assess what they have in place to help them understand both their current position, and the journey they need to go on to reach where they want to be? What is the security posture that is need versus the security reality?

In the first of a series, this report looks to provide answers that will enable a clear understanding of the infrastructure that is required to deliver a higher level of patient experience, improved clinical quality and more productive services. Specifically it showcases:

  • The promise of connected healthcare
  • The key technologies and trends driving healthcare transformation
  • The critical tenets for a network infrastructure able to deliver IoT and connected healthcare
  • Where to start
  • Cisco’s approach and solution stack

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