Mobile is creating new workloads for the enterprise and increasing the load on existing ones. Many of these may already have elements residing on IBM z Systems or may otherwise be dependent of that platform.

IBM is encouraging organizations to utilize their IBM z investments within their mobile strategy. To achieve this, IBM has made a number of enhancements to its z Systems platform, making it more appealing and reducing the barriers to entry. Most recently, the reduction in the cost of running mobile workloads has been signi cant. However, it is important to look at other bene ts of utilizing IBM z Systems within the enterprise mobile strategy.

This paper covers three core themes:

  • How the traditional workloads, running on the IBM z Systems, match up well with the new demands on IT infrastructure that mobile brings.
  • The evolution of the IBM z from a closed and proprietary platform to a data center building block that embraces the open technologies.
  • How developers are able to treat IBM z Systems like any another target platform, instead of having to develop complex and bespoke solutions.