Cloud Strategies: Architectural Pitfalls to Avoid

Cloud Strategies: Architectural Pitfalls to Avoid


The podcast discussion looked to understand some of the architectural challenges of moving to the cloud, and to identify important considerations for ensuring a smooth transition and obtaining the right support. Scroll down for more details.

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Cloud Computing has moved from an interesting technology to a “must have” technology for a lot of companies. Part of this has been due to the hype surrounding the technology but part is based on real business needs and requirements and the significant potential that the Cloud computing business and delivery model presents.

There are many advantages and opportunities to be gained from the cloud computing model today and for the long term future, that is applicable across the corporate IT and business landscape: from Infrastructure right through to tooling, application and business innovation, management and development. The opportunities are not only there for enterprise IT organisations but also for application vendors and service providers alike.

But how easy is it to transition to the Cloud? What of existing applications and business processes? Is it a simple case of redeployment or is more required?

The podcast discussion looked to understand some of the architectural challenges of moving to the cloud, and to identify important considerations for ensuring a smooth transition and obtaining the right support.

Points covered

Four key points were discussed:

  • How easy is it to deploy existing application architectures to the Cloud?
  • Are the architectural and development training needs required for Cloud sufficiently promoted?
  • How realistic is it to be architecturally prepared for the Cloud?
  • What support is required to ensure that business owners are aware of the risk factors of developing and deploying to the Cloud?


Bola Rotibi, Research Director at Creative Intellect is joined by three guests with experiences and expertises of developing, deploying and running applications in Cloud based environments:

Nic Merriman, Financial Services CTO and Head of Cloud Computing at Avanade UK-a global Microsoft System Integrator. Nic has over 20 years’ experience in enterprise architecture and delivering distributed systems across industry, specialising in Financial Services. Before joining Avanade Nic held roles that included being the CTO for the HBoS Retail Bank, the Head of Architecture and Strategy for Wealth and International at Lloyds Banking Group and the Chief Channel Architect at Egg. He is passionate about the cloud and it’s applicability to real business scenarios.

Peter Elleby, Chief Technology Officer for One Hydra a provider of SaaS tools and services that drive revenue and return on investment through the optimised management and implementation of phrase marketing campaigns across online disciplines such as Natural search, paid search and social media.

Peter, an experienced technologist, was originally a Research Fellow at the University of Reading, publishing more than 30 technical papers covering data analysis and optimization. Before joining Hydra, he was Vice President of Engineering for a series of successful start-ups. These include Touch Clarity a leading provider of on-site behavioural targeting solutions that was acquired by Omniture, and then Adobe. He was also at Integral Solutions Limited, a provider of the Clementine data mining solution that was acquired by SPSS, and then IBM.

Ian Murphy, principal analyst at Creative Intellect Consulting. Ian has a long history with technology, starting out as a signaller in the Royal Marines for a number of years before writing IT article in 1982 on database design and PC networks. Since then, Ian has enjoyed a broad and illustrious career working in IT and as a technical journalist, software and hardware test reviewer and an industry analyst. He has held most of the roles found in IT: from architect, developer and technical support through to project and operations management as well as owning a training company.

Before joining Creative Intellect, Ian worked as an analyst for Tech Reports Ltd, Philips Global Media, Ovum and MWD Advisors. He has co authored reports covering a broad spread of technologies including Digital Set-Top Boxes, Rich Internet Applications, Business Intelligence and Cloud Development and computing platforms. His specialist topics areas are datacentres and Infrastructure servers and services, Virtualization, software development, network communications and mobile device platforms and services.

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