Internet of Things (IoT) foundations underpinning disruptive industrial innovation

Internet of Things (IoT) foundations underpinning disruptive industrial innovation


Bola Rotibi joins Erik Kruse, Strategic Marketing Manager and Network Society Evangelist at Ericsson and Dr Catherine Mulligan, Head of Digital Strategy and Economics of Future Cities Catapult to discuss how IoT is providing one of the backdrops to disruptive industrial innovation. As one of the world’s major provider of communication technologies and services, with a global leadership position, Mobile World Congress (MWC) is of course a natural home for Ericsson to showcase the investments and advances it has been making towards providing a communications network capable of sustaining the digital. Scroll down for more details.

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Podcast overview

Given the hype surrounding IoT, many might think it is a relatively new technology phenomenon to hit the market. However, the reality is that IoT is built on the back of a connected machines industry that has long been utilising machine to machine connectivity and telemetry to deliver data insights, remote monitoring and automation. Ericsson in fact began its IoT vision seven years ago and MWC 2015 is allowing it to showcase some of the fruits of its labour.

During the podcast you will hear Erik outline the work done with Swedish car manufacturer Volvo and the traffic authorities from 160 countries to provide a working model of a real world IoT implementation. Not only does this present the potential business and operational cases for IoT, it provides a window into the valuable and important role that Cloud services have to play towards underpinning the IoT infrastructure. Although short, this podcast discussion offers extensive insights into the hidden side of IoT and the exciting potential that industrial IoT – more so than some of the more frivolous announcements depicting consumer based IoT examples –   offers the global economy.

Points discussed

Important insights highlighted in this podcast cover:

  • The need for affordable and accessible backward compatibility solutions.
  • The rudimentary requirements for interoperability and openness.
  • A notion of the priorities and commonalities that need to be in place to reap the benefits of IoT.
  • Data privacy challenges.
  • Barriers holding back traditional industries.
  • Opportunities for developers, start-ups and the vendor community.
  • Ericsson’s role in spearheading disruptive industrial innovation.


  • Erik Kruse, Strategic Marketing Manager, Networked Society Evangelist, Ericsson
  • Dr Catherine Mulligan, Head of Digital Strategy and Economics. Future Cities Catapult
  • Bola Rotibi, Research Director and Founder, CIC