MWC 2015 Insights from an App Development Tools provider

MWC 2015 Insights from an App Development Tools provider


Mobile World Congress 2015 was the Uniface team’s first appearance at the exhibition which highlights the broadening scope and influence the event offers to the wider software industry and market. Developer productivity underpins the Uniface platform, so CIC’s Bola Rotibi caught up with Uniface’s Vice President of Product Management and Marketing, Adrian Gosbell to see if this concept was high on the list of attendees at the booth. More importantly, with the imminent launch of Uniface 10 and the new mobile development facilities of the platform, MWC’s 93,000 plus attendees from 200 countries certainly offers an extensive audience reach and market field test bed to showcase the productivity of the development environment. But what insights are there for app development tool providers attending MWC 2015 in general? Scroll down for more details.

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Podcast overview

With Uniface’s debut at MWC 2015, the podcast discussion focuses on key takeaways for Adrian Gosbell and his team and offers messages for the wider industry and marketplace.

Points discussed

Key insights focus on:

  • The real issues and requirements facing developers of enterprise applications and mobile solution
  • The potential market appetite for the Uniface 10 platform
  • The integration challenge of extending out to existing application systems and the opportunities for reusing existing data.


  • Adrian Gosbell, Vice President Product Management and Marketing, Uniface
  • Bola Rotibi, Research Direct and founder, CIC