There is tension in the delivery, operations and maintenance of the next generation of application workloads. The market dictates speed and a fast pace of change along with adherence to a whole host of evolving technologies and execution processes. Stand still for a moment and organisations find themselves asking: what is the right application development, delivery and operational strategy for their business operations and customer base and how different is it from before?

Questions abound and confusion and complexity reign in a market craving for simplicity.

In this discussion on “New Age App Development: What’s the playlist for success?”, Bola Rotibi of CIC, talks to Mat Keep, Sr. Director of Products and Solutions at MongoDB, Joe Drumgoole, Director of Developer Advocacy at MongoDB and Clive Howard, CTO at Huozhi, a provider of a humanitarian fintech platform and CIC’s Principal Analyst for Practitioner research. The podcast discussion looks at understanding what the new rules of engagement are and how should organisations really prepare for the changing order of operation. More importantly with such a mix of suppliers how can businesses ensure an open and flexible ecosystem of providers and solutions?

Additionally, listeners will gain insights into:

  • What matters in the new age of application development, delivery and operations,  and the role of data and the database in the modern app dev process
  • Employing the right business empowerment in the development, delivery and operational processes
  • Determining whether organisations are equipped to hire the right kind of roles needed to build and maintain the application workloads of the future
  • How organisations can look to migrate to the new way of app development and delivery
  • The music playlist that speaks to what is needed in the new age of development

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