Spotlight on government funded engagement in IOT

Spotlight on government funded engagement in IOT


Governments can do a lot to help progress an emerging market. One such way would be in providing an environment that lessens the load and risk of upfront investment and offering support in key areas such as analysis, testing and legislative requirements. This can help to both encourage and drive innovation. More importantly it opens the way for the broadest engagement especially from Small Medium Enterprise (SME) organisations that don’t have the R&D capacity of larger firms or the means to efficiently and effectively navigate the different partner relationships that might be required. The UK government has invested in a network of “Catapults” to accelerate the best ideas to market in order to create new products, services, jobs and value for the UK economy. Clive Howard of CIC caught up with Dr Maurizio Pilu of the UK’s Digital Catapult to understand how and where IoT fits in their investment and acceleration plans. Scroll down for more details.

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Podcast overview

The Digital Catapult remit as a national centre is to focus on data and metadata especially with respect to data innovation and the data value chain. From their website, this translates to focusing on how we describe the ways in which people and organisations create, collect, transport and analyse data. With data underpinning the Internet of Things (i.e. the generation, collection, transport and analysis of data), Digital Catapult’s involvement becomes obvious. In this podcast Dr Maurizio Pilu adds further insights into the value the Digital Catapult group offers to SMEs and larger organisations looking to engage in the IoT market.

Points discussed

Key insights discussed include:

  • The data relationship between IoT and the digital economy and the impact of the hardware infrastructure
  • A definition for Industrial IoT and a position on the tenets of Consumer IoT
  • The role of the networks and the impact of key network trends to managing IoT related operations
  • 5G and other network spectrum potentials for IoT
  • Cracking the Interoperability challenge
  • Successful Industrial IoT implementations in the UK.


  • Dr Maurizio Pilu, Digital Catapult
  • Clive Howard, Principal Analyst, CIC