State of play of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the future to come

State of play of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the future to come


In this podcast CIC’s Bola Rotibi caught up with Dr Mike Short, Vice President Research and Development at Telecoms giant Telefónica on day one of Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015. Although at the start of the four day event, Dr Mike short offers some fascinating insights into the state of the Internet of Things market today. Of particular note are the thoughts that he proffers on the role that MWC as an exhibition and the GSMA as a global body offer in driving and shaping the digital economy that IoT will undoubtedly help to deliver. Scroll down for more details.

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Podcast overview

Dr Mike Short paints a picture of an IoT Market that is starting to coalesce around the fundamental requirements for connected things especially within the industrial sector. The differences between consumer IoT and Industrial IoT are now becoming clearer and what is exciting is the opportunities that both segments offer the market and industry at large.

Over the course of this short podcast interview, Mike identifies a number of key points that throw a light on the challenges facing the IoT landscape in general and what might be done to resolve them. He also takes the opportunity to answers questions from Dr Catherine Mulligan, Head of Digital Strategy and Economics, Future Cities Catapult, a UK Government funded innovation accelerator bringing together businesses, universities and city leaders to work on solving problems facing cities now and in the future.

Points discussed

Insights highlighted by Dr Mike Short include:

  • Recognition that the Internet has yet to come into its own in the connection of things
  • The emergence of many more platforms that make it easier to connect things to the Internet, thereby opening up opportunities in many different markets
  • What will help the IoT market to succeed across different sectors of the market
  • Directions for the developer community and how it can be helped to deliver the right apps in the right way.
  • The meaning of Industrial IoT and the role Telefonica is playing in securing the digital economy
  • A position on the standardisation challenges
  • UK’s global position and potential against a backdrop of longstanding innovation history


  • Dr Mike Short, Vice President Research and Development, Telefónica S.A.
  • Dr Catherine Mulligan, Head of Digital Strategy and Economics. Future Cities Catapult
  • Bola Rotibi, Research Director and Founder, CIC