This is an accompanying report to the CIC Software Delivery InFocus Podcast Series on Transforming to digital: Precision tactics from the IBM Cloud Garages. To understand and identify how the value add that an innovation centre, like the IBM Cloud Garage, can present to companies looking to adapt and digitally transform, CIC’s Research Director, Bola Rotibi spoke with Steve Robinson IBM’s General Manager for Cloud Labs, IBM Hybrid Cloud  and Rachel Reinitz, IBM Fellow and CTO of IBM Cloud Garage. In this report we outline and summarise important insights from the discussion and offer a glimpse into the transformation goals that are top of mind for organisations operating in the digital economy. Much is at stake for any organisation looking to innovate and grow digitally, therefore recognising the important purpose and value an innovation centres can offer will be vital. Finally, this report highlights the tenets and practices for a successful IBM Cloud Garage and how organisations can maximise and optimise their engagement at a cloud Garage session.