CIC’s Research Director, Bola Rotibi and Principal Analyst, Clive Howard, speak to Joan A Barcia Espin, Director of Product Management and Justin Paul, Marketing Director at Zeetta Networks to find out how MWC19 is reflecting new thinking and changed approaches in the telecommunication industry.

A small and nimble player, Zeetta Networks are betting on the breakthrough in networking technology for telecoms that allows for orchestration and network slicing for targeted services. In this podcast, listeners can hear what Zeetta believes are the real drivers for 5G, the next big connectivity themes and how market disruption is resulting in a shift in the relationships the large Telecom operators are more open to building. Exciting times indeed, but who stands to gain the most? Undoubtedly, the changing market dynamics underscored by technologies such as Blockchain offers interesting potential and greater collaboration between the app development and network operations community. Listen to how both CIC and Zeeta see this playing out.

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