The report “Practitioner Perspective of Tools for Hybrid Mobile App Development” is for CIOs, CTOs and IT Managers within organizations who have decided, or are considering whether, to build hybrid mobile apps. The aim is to help identify the best fit developer tools for the specific skills, legacy systems and project requirements of the organization. The main report discusses a number of important issues when building hybrid apps and how they might impact on the choice of tooling.

This product evaluation is from a practitioner’s perspective; in this case a developer who would be building mobile apps either alone or in a team. The primary concerns are productivity within the development environment, interoperability with other tools and systems, team collaboration capabilities and testing. Beyond those core requirements the evaluation also looks at supporting products and services provided by the vendor as part of the main product. These may not only help the developer but the wider IT function in managing, deploying and distributing apps either through public app stores or internally.

To conduct this evaluation we built a test mobile app which is described in the main report.