Vera is a privately owned company founded in 2014 with the goal of protecting files regardless of where they are stored or where they end up.

Multiple recent studies have shown the exponential rate of growth in data being produced, the world over. The insatiable hunger for storage has been a factor in driving the cloud revolution. We have simply moved beyond the storage capabilities of our devices, or even data centres, and now require storage on an industrial scale; and not just for the largest organisations. While storing the data has been a challenge, the ability to access it from an increasing number of devices, and to share it as part of collaborative workflows, has been a greater challenge.

While this has been met in large part by cloud services, especially file sync and share services, security of files and data has now become the focus. With organisations holding files in multiple locations, multiple devices and sharing them in a variety of ways, a solution is needed that addresses all of these scenarios. That is what Vera aims to do.


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