The mother of all conferences! That is how Mobile World Congress (MWC) is often billed.  Although in reality there are certainly one or two other conferences that can certainly live up to that grandiose title – the Consumer Electronic Show held in Las Vegas every January being one such example. However, anyone who has travelled to Barcelona’s Gran Firina Conference centre would surely be astounded by the eight vast halls packed – in many cases two storey high – with stands from every type of purveyor of mobile solutions, services, devices, applications and communication network infrastructure and equipment. The attendance of all manner of vendors and organisations: from the big industry name suppliers to the smallest start-up providers along with representation from country linked industry trade bodies such as that of the UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) and the Ontario Canada Pavilion and you begin to get a sense of just how important an industry and market show MWC is.

In reviewing our attendance at MWC, especially amongst the impressive stands of vendors familiar to both consumers and workers alike one can’t help feel a transformation has taken hold. It is the sense of a market and industry that is coming to the realisation that industrial is where considerable growth lies when it comes to smart internet connected things. But also too, the notion that consumers, as tech savvy as they have become, are more enamoured with aesthetics and that experience, and in particular contextual experience, rules.

This is of course not to say that the Internet of Things doesn’t open the way for new engagements with new providers amongst the traditional market place. In fact another area of significant growth in the IoT space that we already see emerging will be for those companies that can leverage the data from connected things to deliver information and context that will be of value. In this aspect the way is open for an array of analytical computations and insights including those that will enable a level of predictive and cognitive capabilities.

Whilst at the event, CIC gathered a selection of industry viewpoints around the Internet of Things and recorded a series of five podcasts which are introduced below, with links to listen for free. Furthermore, you can access our IoT Briefing Note, which offers CIC’s current viewpoint on this hot topic. Lastly, take a look at our library of IoT Think Tank articles which we have produced for

Industrial IoT Podcast series

Dr Mike Short of Telefonica discussed the state of play of the Internet of Things and the future to come. He paints a picture of an IoT Market that is starting to coalesce around the fundamental requirements for connected things especially within the industrial sector. The differences between consumer IoT and Industrial IoT are now becoming clearer and what is exciting is the opportunities that both segments offer the market and industry at large.  Listen now

In the second podcast in the series Erik Kruse from Ericsson discusses how IoT is providing one of the backdrops to disruptive industrial innovation. Given the hype surrounding IoT, many might think it is a relatively new technology phenomenon to hit the market. However, the reality is that IoT is built on the back of a connected machines industry that has long been utilising machine to machine connectivity and telemetry to deliver data insights, remote monitoring and automation. This podcast discussion offers extensive insights into the hidden side of IoT and the exciting potential that industrial IoT offers the global economy. Listen now

One of the challenges of a market surrounded by hype like that which has engulfed IoT, is obtaining a clear view of the underlying mechanics and the entry points for real business engagement.  In the third podcast discussion participants from the Digital Catapult Industrial IoT panel outline some stark truths facing the current Industrial IoT market, particular for SME organisations. Listen now

The Digital Catapult remit as a national centre is to focus on data and metadata especially with respect to data innovation and the data value chain. From their website, this translates to focusing on how we describe the ways in which people and organisations create, collect, transport and analyse data.  With data underpinning the Internet of Things (i.e. the generation, collection, transport and analysis of data), Digital Catapult’s involvement becomes obvious. In this podcast Clive Howard of CIC caught up with Dr Maurizio Pilu of the UK’s Digital Catapult to understand how and where IoT fits in their investment and acceleration plans and the value the group offers to SMEs and larger organisations looking to engage in the IoT market. Listen now

With Uniface’s debut at MWC 2015, the podcast discussion focuses on key takeaways for Adrian Gosbell and his team and offers messages for the wider industry and marketplace. Listen now

Briefing Note: Internet of Things

The CIC Briefing Note is a summary piece that outlines the CIC viewpoint on a given topic, which aims to provide high-level insights that will allow our community to gain a better understanding of said topic. View the Briefing Note,  “The Internet of Things: The evolution of all things” for free. Through our considerations, we garnered the following summary points:

  • CIC believes that there is no clear and focused definition of IoT, but instead it is a loose term that can be applied in any scenario where hardware devices are connected, directly or indirectly, to the internet.
  • Greater accessibility of hardware will help to further the type of entrepreneurial activity that we’ve seen in recent years in software. The type of small, innovative and agile start-ups that have seen rapid growth in recent years will be able to embrace ideas that involve hardware as well as software.
  • A key differentiator for IoT today and the connected devices world that has existed before is the high availability and low cost of “things” and the Internet based services that they can connect to, combined with more open technology (such as HTTP or MQTT).

Briefing Notes are free to download, so why not access CIC’s viewpoint on IoT for free today!

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