It is widely recognised that Internet connectivity will present significant opportunities and savings for a broad range of businesses and organisations. So here at CIC we conducted a survey (sponsored by IBM) to investigate the role of connectivity and the Internet of Things across a range of industries and markets, especially those that produce smart, software enabled products and systems.

The goals of the study were to identify the processes and strategies that help support the effective implementation of an IoT based product, system or manufacturing process, along with the imperatives for successful delivery and management. We wanted to expose the challenges (e.g. technical, business, organisational, operational etc.) that connectivity presents. Finally we showcase a variety of lessons learnt and provide actionable guidance to help ensure a more effective start point for others.

The results, available for free in a three part series, serve to provide the basis for the guiding principles for a sustainable strategy for IoT support for organizations and businesses looking for more effective outcomes both in the market and within their operations. The three reports in this series are free to access from the links below.

Part 1: Executive Report: Guiding principles for building a sustainable strategy for IoT support

This is a market executive report targeting the management level that summarises the findings from the IoT Study, with a particular focus on providing the anatomy of IoT and highlighting the key drivers, challenges and considerations for IoT products and operations.

Part 2: IoT Study: Insights into the realities of Internet connectivity in the product and systems market

This report is the main report with the in-depth review of the interview results providing a lot more detail and depth to the Executive report. It is targeting an audience keen to get a deeper level insight into key considerations, challenges and lessons learnt of those who have implemented IoT products and operations

Part 3: IoT Roundup: CIC market observations and recommendations

This report summarises CIC’s analysis and insights without detracting from the other two reports. Its goal is to provide the 10 important market observations and a table of recommended actions from those who have implemented IoT products and operations.


This paper was authored on an independent basis by the analyst team at Creative Intellect Consulting, with sponsorship from IBM. The content is based on industry intelligence gathered and analysed by the authors and does not necessarily reflect the views of the sponsor.