It’s sometimes fun to reflect how things change over time. I look at my smart phone next to my laptop and think of all the things that I am able to do with it today and marvel at the evolution, adoption and reach of mobile devices, applications and content over the last 10 years. IBM, one hundred years old on June 16th 2011, can reflect not just on how things have changed around it but the impact it itself has had on bringing that change about. The company is able to chart the evolution of software development from the beginning and reflect on the latter’s highs and lows, which is something of an achievement. That IBM has chosen to mark its centenary by releasing 300,000 of its employees (approximately three quarters of its workforce) to give a day of service to their community, is another. Corporate social responsibility programs need grand gestures and support. It’s encouraging to see such a behemoth carrying out a laudable gesture, better still if it became annual rather than a centennial occurrence.