Internet of Things (IoT)

  • One of the biggest trends in the market today is Digital Transformation. Therefore, it is surprising how little clarity there is to what the term specifically means. To try to bring clarity to the term Digital Transformation and answer important questions for organisation concerned with it, CIC conducted a quantitative study of over 300 organisations of various sizes, industries and geographies. This report outlines the key findings, along with the dynamics underpinning the drive and journey towards digital transformation. Importantly, it presents the following:
    • A map of the challenges and barriers to overcome, as well as key channels that must be navigated if the opportunities presented by a digital transformation are to be realised.
    • Defines the underlying support for low code development tools and their role in helping to deliver the digital transformation process.
    • For organisations looking to ensure the most effective strategy for their digital transformation journey CIC’s study offers 4 insights that must be in their game plan.
    This paper was authored on an independent basis by the analyst team at Creative Intellect Consulting, with sponsorship from Uniface. The content is based on industry intelligence gathered and analysed by the authors and does not necessarily reflect the views of the sponsor.
  • Governments can do a lot to help progress an emerging market. One such way would be in providing an environment that lessens the load and risk of upfront investment and offering support in key areas such as analysis, testing and legislative requirements. This can help to both encourage and drive innovation. More importantly it opens the way for the broadest engagement especially from Small Medium Enterprise (SME) organisations that don’t have the R&D capacity of larger firms or the means to efficiently and effectively navigate the different partner relationships that might be required. The UK government has invested in a network of “Catapults” to accelerate the best ideas to market in order to create new products, services, jobs and value for the UK economy. Clive Howard of CIC caught up with Dr Maurizio Pilu of the UK’s Digital Catapult to understand how and where IoT fits in their investment and acceleration plans. Scroll down for more details. Add to cart to download or play here..
  • In today’s IT infrastructure landscape and operating climate there are key technology and processing trends that established runtime platforms must evolve to meet the new digital demands. This report summarises the main trends and practices impacting the application server estate. We recommend this briefing note as a companion to CIC’s report on Galvanising and supporting hybrid cloud delivery.