Healthcare is CIC’s first industry-focused research stream. CIC Healthcare leverages CIC’s expertise in Cloud, Mobile, Security, IoT, Digital Experience, Analytics, DevOps and Agile practices to offer skilled guidance on the digital agenda impacting the healthcare industry.

About CIC Healthcare

CIC Healthcare research objectives are to:

  • Identify the imperatives that are impacting healthcare technology choices.

  • Answer important questions such as those that address security and privacy concerns within the healthcare industry.

  • Provide guidance to those looking for the most effective operational strategies and outcomes for their healthcare services.

  • Deliver case studies and profiles of successful practices, operations and solutions within the healthcare industry.

  • Conduct in-depth investigations on thought-provoking hypothesis, behavioral dynamics and implementation strategies in the healthcare tech field.

For a healthcare industry looking to more digitally enhanced operational infrastructure and workflow, CIC Healthcare aims to help vendors offer the most effective solutions and supports users to maximise their return on investment.

Read our briefing note on the 10 focus points for the digital agenda in healthcare.

CIC Healthcare Customers

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We appreciate CIC’s experience in Health IT, which is both wide and in-depth, because it allowed them to rigorously analyse the value that Clinerion offers from multiple points of view, and, finally, to report on the benefits we bring to clinical research with some authority.

Le Vin Chin, Clinerion