What is Cloud in 2018?

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Why are we even asking this question now?  Hasn’t cloud been well and truly defined in the scope of transformation? So what more is there to say? Plenty, if you only think of cloud as the destination and not part of the modernisation and transformation journey. A recent article spoke of an organisation that moved [...]

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Foundations fit for the digital economy

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“What’s at stake in the digital economy?” Tough question, right? Tough enough to keep you up at night? Maybe not. One thing is for certain, the answer will be different, depending on who you are asking. In truth, there is collective fear across industries of being outsmarted and outplayed by a more nimble, innovative bright [...]

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‘Intrapreneurship’ at Barclays: a blueprint for mobile innovation

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The mobile revolution is well and truly underway and many enterprises are facing the challenge of how to adapt to avoid losing out to competitors – both large and small – that are quicker off the mark. Recently, CIC analysts Bola Rotibi and Clive Howard gained privileged access to senior staff and technical leads within [...]

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IBM’s Agile DevOps dream

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IBM appears to be closing ranks on a new iteration (the company is fond of that word after all) of its DevOps technology proposition. As we know, the structure of modern DevOps stems from Agile software application delivery principles and is it now evolving into a more refined, more elite and more capable function focused [...]