Blockchain Frontline: 2018 recap and what to watch for in 2019

By |2019-01-22T12:53:29+00:0022 January 2019|Analysis, Blockchain|

Blockchain has not quite emerged from its pupa. Yet that is steadily coming closer, and might occur in 2019 (though it will likely be 2020 before one can be certain). In that spirit, this blog looks back across the 2018 blockchain year, drawing out some specific examples and shinning a spotlight on where to watch [...]

AI in the docks: Are the believers forgetting something?

By |2018-06-09T16:06:46+00:009 June 2018|Analysis, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence|

A hot topic in technology right now is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Many will have seen Google's recent Duplex demo or the work that IBM has been doing in healthcare. Vendor keynotes have been packed with AI capabilities and customer success stories. However, there are some other stories that should sound a note of caution, and [...]

Cloud Wars: Microsoft and IBM gang up to steal Amazon’s lunch money…and Google gets cheaper (again)

By |2015-03-02T20:25:49+00:0024 October 2014|Analysis, Cloud|

The arms race amongst the big cloud vendors continues this week with announcements from Microsoft, IBM and Amazon. Microsoft, who is showing love to everyone these days, has a new relationship with IBM in which they will offer official support for some IBM products running on Virtual Machines in Azure. In the spirit of quid [...]

Amazon is the big fish in a small pond and others are adapting fast to take it on

By |2016-10-17T10:52:29+00:009 January 2014|Analysis, Software Development|

Google recently shifted their Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering, Compute Engine, into general availability meaning that it is now production ready. CIC covered this in a blog post along with our thoughts on the product in the context of the Cloud market. By any figures the biggest player in that market is Amazon, and [...]