European Union (EU) vs Google: This is not going to go the way you think, EU

By |2018-07-20T09:13:29+00:0020 July 2018|Analysis, Licensing, Mobile, Platforms and Operating Systems|

The European Union has fined Google €4 billion for acting, in what it says, is an anti-competitive way. This does not come as a surprise; the EU has a history with big US tech companies. One is reminded of its high-profile battle with Microsoft that resulted in a fine. Google’s “crime” is to use its [...]

Linux vendors trying to stay relevant in a mobile world

By |2016-10-17T10:52:23+00:005 October 2014|Analysis|

It was recently announced that Red Hat is to acquire Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) FeedHenry. FeedHenry is a small company founded in 2010 that took Series A funding of $9m just last year (2013). Despite being small it has attracted some big name customers such as Diageo, Network Rail and VMWare (who are also [...]

MWC14: Developer Takeaways

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CIC’s first Mobile World Congress is over and it’s been almost impossible to keep up with the stream of news that came out of this year’s event. According to the Fitbit that I picked up at the show between Monday and Wednesday I walked over 18 miles which should provide a sense of scale. Amongst [...]

Microsoft and Nokia, better together?

By |2016-10-17T10:52:32+00:005 September 2013|Analysis|

The press has been awash in the last week with speculation over the Microsoft and Nokia deal. The reality is that this is a deal that has been almost two years in the making and not something new. What everyone is trying to work out now, is will this save Microsoft, the Nokia phone business [...]

Tablet vendors need better app stores

By |2016-10-17T10:52:47+00:004 January 2011|Delivery and Lifecycle Management|

There are many things that go into a successful device and platform. Stable hardware, OS and applications, having the right applications and the right price, making it easy to buy those applications and having a developer strategy that encourages people to write for your device. This might seem self-evident to most but apparently, not everyone.