MongoDB: Looking to build on a decade of success

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Databases are the beating heart of almost every software application. Today, relational databases are prevalent and most enterprises run Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, or the like. More recently, however, the relational database has been challenged. One vendor at the forefront of this change is document database provider, MongoDB. MongoDB held its annual MongoDB World event [...]

2020 vision: What MWC19 tells us about the year ahead

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If hindsight is 20/20 vision, can the melee of announcements and exhibitor displays at this year’s Mobile World Congress provide us with the foresight for the year ahead and what to expect at MWC20? As a conference, Mobile World Congress (MWC) has built a reputation for providing a window on innovation and market direction in [...]

MWC19 Insights PART II: Tech Review

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In Part I of my MWC19 review, I covered the changes to industrial structure, but no review of MWC is complete without one or two tech highlights from the telco side – one of my main professional loves: - Cloud Telco Cloud – finally seeing some statements of the gob-smackingly obvious emerging around the operator [...]

IBM pays $34 billion for Red Hat

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IBM has agreed to pay $34 billion for leading Linux vendor Red Hat. The sum is 70% above the current market cap for Red Hat which, as of Sunday, was just $20.53bn. This is also the biggest acquisition in the history of IBM by a significant margin. The previous record was $5bn for Cognos in 2008. Last [...]

What is Cloud in 2018?

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Why are we even asking this question now?  Hasn’t cloud been well and truly defined in the scope of transformation? So what more is there to say? Plenty, if you only think of cloud as the destination and not part of the modernisation and transformation journey. A recent article spoke of an organisation that moved [...]

Foundations fit for the digital economy

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“What’s at stake in the digital economy?” Tough question, right? Tough enough to keep you up at night? Maybe not. One thing is for certain, the answer will be different, depending on who you are asking. In truth, there is collective fear across industries of being outsmarted and outplayed by a more nimble, innovative bright [...]

Six reasons why “Cloud now” is good

By |2016-10-17T11:08:10+00:0014 July 2016|Analysis, Cloud|

Is now a better time for Cloud computing? In a climate of uncertainty many businesses have been wrestling with this question – and so have the team at CIC. The emergence of the many-to-many cloud model creates a particular challenge for IT management teams. The explosion of cloud applications bought into the office by users [...]

CIC Insights: How BMC is igniting IT’s transition to the Digital Enterprise

By |2016-10-17T10:52:10+00:0020 June 2016|Analysis, IT operations and system management|

In an age when young start-up tech companies are aspiring to IPO, 30-year-old BMC, a steadfast provider of systems management solutions, has gone the other way. Three years ago it went from being publicly traded to becoming privately owned by a collection of private equity companies. In freeing itself from the responsibilities of the public [...]