CIC Focus: Is Microsoft’s reality for AI really that different?

By |2019-04-12T18:03:07+00:0012 April 2019|Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Vendor Analysis|

With the cacophony of announcements around Artificial Intelligence (AI) from many of the leading software vendors, you’d be forgiven for believing that each presents a unique direction to be investigated. The reality though is that while there are clear signs for differentiating focus, the hurdles and barriers for AI are common and the intentions and [...]

European Union (EU) vs Google: This is not going to go the way you think, EU

By |2018-07-20T09:13:29+00:0020 July 2018|Analysis, Licensing, Mobile, Platforms and Operating Systems|

The European Union has fined Google €4 billion for acting, in what it says, is an anti-competitive way. This does not come as a surprise; the EU has a history with big US tech companies. One is reminded of its high-profile battle with Microsoft that resulted in a fine. Google’s “crime” is to use its [...]

Cloud Wars: Microsoft and IBM gang up to steal Amazon’s lunch money…and Google gets cheaper (again)

By |2015-03-02T20:25:49+00:0024 October 2014|Analysis, Cloud|

The arms race amongst the big cloud vendors continues this week with announcements from Microsoft, IBM and Amazon. Microsoft, who is showing love to everyone these days, has a new relationship with IBM in which they will offer official support for some IBM products running on Virtual Machines in Azure. In the spirit of quid [...]

How Windows 8 is the best solution to a uniquely Microsoft problem

By |2016-10-17T10:52:27+00:0011 February 2014|Analysis, Platforms and Operating Systems|

Ever since Microsoft released Windows 8 there has been fierce debate over whether it is a good OS. Many complained about the “Metro” (or Modern) interface and of course the loss of the Start button (subsequently returned). Some have said that it is the new Vista which was of course a disaster for Microsoft, or [...]

Microsoft gets a new governor

By |2016-10-17T10:52:27+00:007 February 2014|Analysis|

The news that Satya Nadella has been appointed CEO of Microsoft is not just a massive change for the company but the technology sector as a whole. Rarely do the most senior positions in the big West Coast tech behemoths change hands. Just think about Larry at Oracle, Benioff at Salesforce, Zuckerberg at Facebook or [...]

Microsoft and Nokia, better together?

By |2016-10-17T10:52:32+00:005 September 2013|Analysis|

The press has been awash in the last week with speculation over the Microsoft and Nokia deal. The reality is that this is a deal that has been almost two years in the making and not something new. What everyone is trying to work out now, is will this save Microsoft, the Nokia phone business [...]