How development tools affect modernisation strategy

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Micro Focus has just published a CIC Commentary examining how the advanced capabilities of the Micro Focus Enterprise Product Set underpin modernisation strategies for the zEnterprise that were difficult or impossible until fairly recently. The report is aimed at development managers, senior developers and application architects in IT organisations with large, complicated legacy application portfolios [...]

IBM Software Analysts Insight: Will a clear vision and strategy lead to a sure-footed, agile execution?

By |2016-10-17T10:52:38+00:007 December 2012|Analysis, Delivery and Lifecycle Management, Platforms and Operating Systems|

The abiding impression from the IBM Software Analysts Insight conference in Stamford, Connecticut was of a company absolutely clear on its strategy and sure-footed in its execution. For nearly a decade (since 2004), IBM has been attempting to reduce the market’s identification with its individual software brands (Tivoli, Rational, Websphere, Information Management), and in 2010 [...]

A safe leap into the unknown

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Micro Focus should be delighted with the first day of their 2012 Developer’s Conference. The management message was, “we’re back focusing on COBOL – Visual COBOL above all, but also we’re not going to abandon our ACU and RM users”, and there was a palpable sense of relief on the part of the delegates. Attendees [...]