Why developers should embrace the cloud, a discussion with Darren Smith from

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In the latest of our series of podcasts with developer evangelists from leading vendors I spoke with Darren Smith from In these podcasts we look at 3 trends that each vendor is seeing within the developer community. In his roles as Director of platform sales engineering Darren regularly interacts with developers around the Salesforce [...]

BlueMix: An IBM for Everyone

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IBM is the quintessential enterprise vendor of IT products and services. From the Mainframe to Smartcloud its offerings have always provided high-end technology for those companies fortunate enough to have pockets deep enough to afford them. This has made IBM into one of the world’s most profitable companies. However it also left openings in markets [...]

Smart Cloud connections: Partner strategies to nurture

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Without partners, Independent Software Vendors, Service Providers, System Integrators and other Consultancies would struggle to compete in a global market and also would probably face massive increases in their direct sales forces. Today, the Cloud is changing these partner models. Evolution of the partnership model Over the years we have seen the way that dealers, [...]