Smart Cloud connections: Partner strategies to nurture

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Without partners, Independent Software Vendors, Service Providers, System Integrators and other Consultancies would struggle to compete in a global market and also would probably face massive increases in their direct sales forces. Today, the Cloud is changing these partner models. Evolution of the partnership model Over the years we have seen the way that dealers, [...]

Microsoft Office 365: A change point that signifies something different?

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Office 365 is undoubtedly a significant change point for Microsoft. But bullish statements of it being a change point for the industry can be misleading and underplay service solutions already delivered by its rivals in this space, most notably Google. What Office 365 clearly represents is a business service offering that provides benefits and a [...]

Cloud computing – time to start being specific

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Everywhere you look, the phrase of the last few years has been Cloud computing. When the term first started to be used it was meant to describe a change to the way we would do computing.  In many ways it is an amalgamation and next generation of several technologies - outsourcing, utility based computing, grid [...]