Windows 8

How Windows 8 is the best solution to a uniquely Microsoft problem

By |2016-10-17T10:52:27+00:0011 February 2014|Analysis, Platforms and Operating Systems|

Ever since Microsoft released Windows 8 there has been fierce debate over whether it is a good OS. Many complained about the “Metro” (or Modern) interface and of course the loss of the Start button (subsequently returned). Some have said that it is the new Vista which was of course a disaster for Microsoft, or [...]

Microsoft says Windows 8.1 is Enterprise ready but does the Enterprise get it?

By |2016-10-17T10:52:34+00:002 July 2013|Platforms and Operating Systems|

Barely six months since the release of Windows 8 and Microsoft has announced an update with Windows 8.1. Currently in preview it is scheduled to be ready for release later this year. With Windows 8 Microsoft had to address a massive market shift towards touch whilst continuing to support the enormous Windows ecosystem of applications [...]