We’ve just published a new Practitioner Insight report that discusses the importance of User eXperience (UX) as the critical success factor in implementing any Enterprise Mobility strategy. Whilst UX is well established in the Business-to-Consumer (B2C) domain, it is less prevalent where apps are built for employees to use (B2E). However, there are great rewards for any organisation that embraces this user base.

Unlike the desktop, mobile is far less forgiving for the developer and requires an effective experience that is not just about UI but also responsiveness, reliability and trust. This means that UX brings together multiple IT disciplines such as Architecture, Security and Analytics. Having a UX process as part of a mobile development strategy will reap rewards both for the business and IT. Going further and adopting a UX Strategy to incorporate all apps extends those benefits and fortifies long term value as mobile apps evolve.

The report demonstrates:

  • how essential UX is to the success of any Enterprise Mobility strategy
  • the ways in which Enterprise Mobility Apps aimed at the employee will improve workforce productivity and business competitiveness leading to significant ROI
  • the business benefits beyond mobility of embracing mobile UX
  • the power of Analytics that track user interactions

It also gives an insight into the solutions and strategies from vendors like IBM for supporting Enterprise Mobility.

The report is available free from our Research Library.