User Experience (UX) for Business

Rethinking your UX for 2017

Tailor-made Workshop with Industry Thought Leaders – Customised to Suit Your Business and Your Objectives

In the ‘age of customer’ more and more organisations are realising the value that UX can bring to their business. Whether business-to-consumer (B2C), business-to-employee (B2E) or business-to-business (B2B), every company, in every industry, can leverage great customer experiences for business gain.

CIC’s UX Workshop

User Experience for Business is a cross-disciplinary workshop run by CIC, aimed at helping you get the most out of UX in your organisation for 2017.

With CIC’s tailor-made workshop, in a matter of hours your group of business leaders will learn how to rethink UX, identify your organisation’s specific problems, brainstorm solutions and then prioritise those solutions into an actionable plan.

Create momentum and a sense of shared purpose with CIC’s UX Workshop.

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How will this workshop help you?

1Expose the key stakeholders in your company to key UX principles, methods, and practices.

  • Your business managers will learn that UX is more than just the user interface (UI) and what is required to deliver great customer experiences.

  • The educational journey will outline the complex, multifunctional approach required from across your organisation.

  • The knowledge transfer component will take a complete 360-view of UX in the context of your company, to help you build a business case.

2Correctly identify the problems that need to be solved in the first place.

  • Most organisations do a poor job of this, concentrating on short-term fixes or, worse, solving the wrong problems.

3Develop an action plan and a UX program that scales across multiple teams and can be implemented right across your organisation, to realise excellent ROI.

  • Identify budget requirements so that teams are provided for.

  • Ensure that the skills they need are identified and a strategy to make sure that they are supported.

  • Communicate plan and program clearly within your organisation.

The workshop is customisable to whichever elements you want to include, in whatever timeframe.

What is included?

  • A pre-workshop educational presentation.
  • A customised workshop with our leading experts.
  • Post-workshop mentoring and checkpoints.

Who should attend?

Business managers from across your organisation; particularly those in technology, product and engineering, but also anyone looking to rethink customer and user experiences in your organisation.

Thought Leaders

CLIVE HOWARDPrincipal Practitioner Analyst
As author of “UX Lifecycle” and a former practitioner, Clive has a wealth of insight in applying UX.
BOLA ROTIBIResearch Director & Founder
With a wealth of research, consulting and app development experience, Bola specialises in Rich Internet and Interactive Applications and User Centric Services.
IAN MURPHYPrincipal Analyst
With extensive IT infrastructure, application and market knowledge and experience, Ian specialises in technologies enabling and supporting UX.

Information and Booking

To find out more, or to book a customised workshop or workshop component, contact Victoria Kyle at 

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