View the replay of a webinar discussing the importance of managing workforce visibility and output, whilst at the same time empowering individuals to do and be their best in the digital economy. The event features CIC’s Bola Rotibi and Sarah Andresen, Head of People Science at Sage People (formerly Fairsail), and is moderated by  Maggie Holland, B2B Editorial Director Dennis Publishing.

Important points discussed are:

  • Key workplace challenges around managing people and how HR and IT are now – or should be – more aligned than ever.
  • Key trends and opportunities
  • Workplace evolution
  • Employee evolution – how to cater for different ages and so on
  • The tools and technologies available
  • Technical sophistication/intelligence
  • User/employee centric focus
  • Self service requirements and expectations
  • Digital transformation
  • Digital footprints
  • How new technologies within HR are enabling organizations to bring data science to people data.
  • How IT and HR can ensure that they continue to talk the same language and work towards common goals rather than acting as silos
  • How data and in-turn greater workforce visibility has revolutionized how companies understand and manage their customers,
  • How data science is transforming work across organisations from product development to marketing and sales.
  • Issues HR leaders face in mid-sized organizations gaining strategic insight from people data.
  • The importance of having accurate and accessible people data – embracing new systems and technology
  • Whether the challenges are compounded further by company size (i.e. the more people you have, the bigger the workforce visibility and management problem)